bṛṃh] m. a powerful hero, [Ṛg-veda]. According to Puranas, Brihadratha succeeded Shatadhanvan Maurya and ruled for seven … That child grew up and was known by the famous name Jarāsandha. His passion is history. Ancient History Encyclopedia, 07 Jan 2020. Other articles where Brihadratha is discussed: India: Ashoka and his successors: … the last of the Mauryas, Brihadratha, was assassinated by his Brahman commander in chief, Pushyamitra, who founded the Shunga dynasty. Its fields too yielded enough crops to feed huge armies, and the Haryanka kings starting from the rule of Bimbisara, capitalized on this. [masculine] a man’s name. The name of Brihadratha is also found in the Rigveda (I.36.18, X.49.6). [4] The Greco-Bactrians may also have invaded India in order to protect Greek populations in the subcontinent. For only $5 per month you can become a member and support our mission to engage people with cultural heritage and to improve history education worldwide. Starts with: Brihadrathamtara, Brihadrathamtarasaman. This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 19:26. Thus, Brihadrathas, Pradyotas and Sisunagas reigned for ~1500 years. This king was present at Pāñcālī svayambara (marriage of Pāñcāli). [2] Bāṇabhaṭṭa's Harshacharita says that Pushyamitra, while parading the entire Mauryan army before Brihadratha on the pretext of showing him the strength of the army, crushed his master. All the Puranas mention his sister Amna, as his successor. Consider supporting this website: Chapter 13 - The Dynasty of Maharaja Nimi, Chapter 23 - The Dynasties of the Sons of Yayati, Part 4 - Story of the Jarasandhavadha Mahakavyam, Chapter 71 - King Janaka gives an account of the succession and his dynasty. Kushagra was succeeded by his son Vrishava (or Rishava). A giantess called Jarā put them together and instantly the pieces joined together and became a living child. Some of the Puranas also say that it was actually Mahanandin who was brutally murdered by a Shudra lover of his wife (who was probably assisted by the woman too). The Shishunaga Dynasty had a very short reign before it was succeeded by the Nandas and then the Mauryas, but it too contributed to the solid foundation of the Magadhan Empire which was to dominate the Indian subcontinent for the upcoming centuries. Mahanandin was probably a grandson of Kalashoka; he may have been a son of Nandivardhan, who was one of the sons of Kalashoka, but whether he was one of Kalashoka's sons or a grandson cannot be ascertained without further archaeological evidence. Under the Shishunagas, as under other Magadhan dynasties, various philosophies and religions also flourished, especially Buddhism and Jainism. According to the Agni Purana, Sambhava was succeeded by his son Jarasandha, the noted warrior king mentioned in the Mahabharata. Search found 19 books and stories containing Brihadratha, Bṛhadratha, Brhadratha, Brihat-ratha, Bṛhat-ratha, Brhat-ratha, Brihad-ratha, Bṛhad-ratha, Brhad-ratha, Bṛhadrathā, Bṛhad-rathā; (plurals include: Brihadrathas, Bṛhadrathas, Brhadrathas, rathas, Bṛhadrathās, rathās). Full-text (+55): Kushagra, Jarasandha, Jarasamdha, Vasudaman, Timi, Barhadratha, Sudasa, Pushyamitra, Mahavirya, Shakayanya, Arimjaya, Brihadakshaya, Vasudama, Vasudasa, Sushrama, Sena, Sukshatra, Tigma, Bhuvata, Vedadisha. The first ruler of the dynasty was Shishunaga himself after whom it has been named, who came to power when the people revolted against the earlier Haryanka Dynasty in the 5th century BCE. (Mahābhārata Ādi Parva, 53; Sabhā Parva, Chapters 17, 19 and 21). He had a son named Mahāvīrya. *, 1k) Son of Bhadraratha and father of Bṛhadkarma;1 the Ikṣvāku line of kings originating from him.2, 1l) The kings of Magadha with Girivraja as capital; 32 in number, and ruled altogether for 1000 years; these are Somādhi, Śrutaśrava, Apratīpi, Niramitra, Surakṣa, Bṛhatkarma, Senājit, Samprayāta, Śrutamjaya, Vibhu, Śuci, Kṣema, Anuvrata, Sunetra, Nirvṛti, Trinetra, Dyumatsena. 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