In a clear design win, despite coming typically late to the game of tablet covers with keyboards and trackpads, Apple’s version has a floating cantilever design, meaning you can adjust the viewing angle anywhere between zero and 130 degrees, much like you would the screen of your laptop. I was considering upgrading my iPad Pro to the new 2020 version. MacBook Air (2020) – starting at $999 and going up to $2,249 fully maxed out. And the decision is even harder because the new MacBook Air looks like the upgrade we’ve wanted for years. With my usage, my MacBook Pro gets around 5-6 hours, while my iPad Pro gets around 6 hours. Now, taking a look at the MacBook Pro, I’m running the game in Native Resolution again, so 2560x1600 in this case, which is slightly higher than on the iPad Pro, but not by a lot.

Many are hoping the just-updated 2020 iPad Pro model with its support for mice and trackpads could be the one. I had read it could possibly have a dual os, ios and os, great! But if you don’t already own a Mac or another PC, you may want to avoid the iPad Pro. But those who think that Apple has just capitulated, admitting defeat adding trackpad and mouse support to its tablets are missing the wider picture. You get the same 1mm of Key Travel, I actually ended up scripting almost all of my videos off of the iPad Pro, until I got this 13” MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is better as it is a larger device, but we also tested both in the full video linked at the top. A disparity between iPadOS and Windows software may make Microsoft's PC a more ideal option than Apple's tablets for certain types of professionals and creators. The iPad Pro 2020 depends entirely on a single USB-C port — and expensive dongles — for any kind of expansion.

The iPad is not comparable to the Surface Pro. The PC can't do this at the same level as a dedicated high end graphics card, but it is still an amazing feat for a 2-in-1. My MacBook Pro model is the higher-end $ 1800 model, which gets you the more powerful 2.0GHz Intel Core i5 Processor (10th Generation). This may be a neat, as in simple, conclusion. The screen of the iPad Pro 2020 hasn’t changed from the 2018 model. This is even more true considering Apple added mouse support into iPadOS 13.4. If you are looking for a laptop replacement that can do everything a laptop can, then you'll likely lean to the Surface Pro 7.

Well, the MacBook Pro definitely has a better Keyboard, which you probably expected, as this know…an actual Laptop. The game is fully unplayable and even if we drop to Low, we’re only getting 25FPS compared to the 120FPS that the iPad Pro was getting.

The number one reason why you can't replace your laptop with an iPad Pro is if you're tied to a proprietary piece of software that's not available for the iPad. So, if we compare both 13” sizes of both devices, the iPad Pro on its own weighs 641g, while the MacBook Pro 13” weighs 1.4kg. There are niggles, though. Outside of the headline-grabbing changes, the Pro comes with Apple’s new A12Z Bionic chip. If the MacBook Pro has a 10/10  Keyboard, the iPad Pro probably has around an 8.8/10. These include iMovie, GarageBand, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Lightroom and more, while the MacBook Pro can only run Desktop Apps.


The Surface Pro 7 is also considerably heavier than the iPad Pro at 1.74 pounds for the Core i7 model versus 1.41 pounds for the iPad.

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