Essam, T and Leonard, K Learn about Faculty and Student affiliations. Advanced Search… Join MPRC. Leonard, K Kenneth Leonard Criminology and Criminal Justice Major and College Park Scholars - Science, Technology, & Society 6/12/2000. Country and regional staple food price indices for improved identification of food securityGlobal Environmental Change, 22(3):784-794.

Generosity and Prosocial Behavior in Healthcare Provision Evidence from the Laboratory and FieldJournal of Human Resources, 51(1):133-162. Kenneth Leonard . Advanced Search… Join MPRC. (2009). Journal of Economic Perspectives, 22(2):93-114. 2105 Morrill Hall * College Park, MD 20742 He conducted a household survey in Cameroon, interviewed traditional healers in Cameroon, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, and joined Italian and Tanzanian doctors in Tanzania, visiting health facilities and collecting data on the patients who visit these facilities. ` 1[A� 336 0 obj <> endobj

If you read the book, you are golden. (2015). Next Commentary: When Information Becomes UsefulIn: The Value of Information, ed. Level of Difficulty.
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