It is typically a very stylized and expressive type of animation and rarely realistic. Basically, the process was a modification of a repro-photographic process; the artists' work was photographed on high-contrast "litho" film, and the image on the resulting negative was then transferred to a cel covered with a layer of light-sensitive dye. Another piece of paper is then placed over the live-action printouts and the action is traced frame by frame using a lightbox. [28], The final animated film by Disney that featured the use of their multiplane camera was The Little Mermaid, though the work was outsourced as Disney’s equipment was inoperative at the time. The technique was the dominant form of animation in cinema until the advent of computer animation. Training Centres. Many of his character designs are the actual designs of the characters we love from the Golden, Silver and Bronze Age of Disney Animation. [16] A frame was made by removing all the blank parts of the papers where the objects were drawn before being placed on top of the backgrounds and finally photographed. The long awaited traditionally animated film “Klaus” is to be released November 8th, 2019 in theaters and November 15th, 2019 on Netflix. This particular technique is used by animators when they want to trace live action sequence movements and turn them into drawings. Time Estimated This technique was also used in the animated movie Appleseed, and cel-shaded 3D animation is typically integrated with cel animation in Disney films and in many television shows, such as the Fox animated series Futurama. Creating animation loops or animation cycles is a labor-saving technique for animating repetitive motions, such as a character walking or a breeze blowing through the trees. The term "animatic" was originally coined by Walt Disney Animation Studios. For scenes where two characters interact, the key animators for both characters will decide which character is "leading" the scene, and that character will be drawn first. Traditional animation usually refers to animation hand-drawn on paper.

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